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"Stalk Much?"
(Illinois) 10-min. Winner of the 15 Minutes of Fame Best Short award.
After a crushing breakup, Michael must work through the five stages of grief. With the help of psychologist Dr. Lieber, he rebounds. Things are great -- until his sister reveals shocking news that hurltes Michael towards a final confrontation -- and a new true love. Kind of. Sort of. Maybe. 

"Misadventures of Moon Kitty" (California) 12-min. Follow the antics of the musical cat that lives on the moon as she frolics through space, nurtures her baby, entertains her fellow lunar loonies and escapes a meteor shower induced stampede of dangerous dinosaurs!

"On The Bus" (New Mexico) 14-min. A man, erratic and out of control, rides a city bus bothering the passengers as he searches endlessly for answers to his tragic past.

"Habits" (New Jersey) 3-min. Three stories about ordinary everyday people, one driven by anxiety, another compulsion, a third by obsession. They indulge in idle fantasies and habitual behaviors. 

"Hazed" (Canada) 2-min. Winner of the 15 Minutes of Fame Best Animation award. When cute little dead birds start dropping out of a smoggy sky, a naive smoke-spewing factory discovers the toxic side effects of his own existence. Can the factory conquer his guilt in time to save the world?

"Stuck" (California) 11-min. While stuck in an elevator, two people discover the most intimate things about each other...that anything can happen.

"One Word" (New York) 15-min. One Word - Sometimes the unsaid, should remain that way.

"Being Handy" (Australia) 7-min. Winner of the 15 Minutes of Fame Best Editing award. It's the incredible and original adventure of a hand named Handy that will do everything to become the best writer ever.
Handy will prove to the world that determination and motivation are the true keys to achieve greatness.

"Fruitless Efforts - Fruit of the Womb" (Minnesota) 5-min. This is a story about Apple, your typical fruity guy. Trying to live his life like a normal Apple; hold a job, have friends etc... but his tree mates try to hold him back from achieving his normal life.

"F**K The Fed" (Florida) 4-min. Award winning composer, Neal Fox, tells his  story about the Federal Reserve System in this humorous music video.  

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